Tuesday, September 08, 2009

i have to do this tag untuk mengelakkan diri daripada tertidur di workstation semasa bekerja


Today Did You--
1. Talk to the boy/girl you like/love?
jap2. ada ke pon someone i love at the moment? ahah

2. Realize anything new?
1. i need to start planning my future (after a couple of years being put to a halt)
2. i sooo.. need a haircut. but i so sayang want to cut one. nanti xleh feeling2 storm riders dah
3. somebody has been discreetly reading my blog. am contemplating whether to private my blog or not. wht do u guys think?

3. Talk to an ex?
buka puasa ngn my ex last sunday. harusla we talked kan?

4. Miss someone?
yeah i guess so

5. Slept in your bed?
my sis

6. last person that saw your tears?
cant even remember the last time i cried.but most probably it ws my sis. i seldomly cry in public

7. You went to the movies with?
i think that would be masa movie marathon ngn colleagues and boss and her friend last 3 mths kut. gile lama. haha

9. You said "I love you" to?
kalau panggil "sayang" tu maybe one of my gang kat office la kut. but the exact "i love you" words to rasanya would be my miss gorgeous

10.Who made you laugh recently?
my sis. she's damn funny in her own ways

11. Said they loved you?
wohooo.... ada ke? serious lupa. lama gile xde org tells me that

12. Called you in the middle of the night?
i think that would be semut la kut. xdela middle pon. kul 12 tu kira mlm baru nk bermula la kan

13. Have a crush on?
still having a not so secret crush on one of my colleague. haha

14. What book are you reading now?
still trying to finish the book that was given to me a a birthday present. it's already september la wey. tah2 sampai birthday thn depan pon xabis. haha

15. Best feeling in the world?
at this point of time, perasaan ketika tidor je (gile mengantuk ni)

16. Favorite location?
*bole x cant think of any masa ni? sungguh bosan kehidupan aku ni

17. piercing/tattoos?
dun have any

18. What are you most scared of rightnow?

19. When do you want to get married?
can i pass?

20. Who do you really hate?
someone whom i shouldnt

21. Does anyone really hate you?
i guess so. but i cant be bothered pon

22. Do you like being around people?
yes, but not all the time la.

24. Song stuck in your head right now?
Dewi by Dewa 19

26. Been on radio or TV?
i played 'cloud' in storm riders

that is me on the right

28. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
yeah. i was indulging this one person sampai membiarkan dia treated me like a crap

29. What did you have for dinner lastnight?
i had roti for sahur

30. Do you have plants in your room?

31. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
my lips are so kering it chapped. agak kepedihan juga la

32. When was your last cab ride?
last sunday on my way to meet my ex for buka puasa

33. What's your favorite Dunkin Donuts drink?
dun have any in particular

34. Would you have a problem with a friend dating your ex?
not at all. but all my exes are not available at the moment. if my friends still wanna date them, it's their problem, not mine

35. Would you rather be told the truth that could potentially destroy your life and change everything you know, or a lie that would save you from the truth?
nothing is worse than being lied to


Jebonx said...

Cam mana main storm rider bleh count as being in tv? confuse jap.

aerlon said...

i played 'cloud' in storm riders??
demit, u realy made my day!

payid said...

tu la, dah lama sgt xtgk tv kat malaysia la tu

gald i can make ur day. haha

Jebonx said...

Hoooo.. cam menghena bunyi nya..

N.A.F. said...

that is so true.. nothing is worse than being lied to.

iNkromosom___ said...

giler ahhh...
penjejak awan kauu....

Anonymous said...

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